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The most popular program: Hair Master 3.0
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We recommend: Easter Dinner Checklist 1.12
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Mus Rif 2.7 by Falco Software Company
Music Riffter is a new and easy system to create your own musical compositions. Have you always wanted to make music, but don't have the time or money? Problem solved! With Music Riffter you can create songs without leaving your home with its huge nu
Speed Reading 2.8 by Falco Software Company
Exercises that promote attention and peripheral vision will help develop speed reading capabilities. There are 3 exercises: 1 - Two letters will appear on the screen. The upper can be any letter of the alphabet and you need to read it aloud, and the
Dance Competition 1.1 by Ivan Kurchenko
A software package that allows you to hold competitions in ballroom dancing according to the skating system.
Heritio 2.16 by Martin Veskrna
Professional look family tree - design a beautiful family tree with ease. Map your family history and keep it for future generations. Give your genealogy search a professional look. Heritio creates a representative family tree.
Face Beauty Rank 7.4 by Falco Software Company
Entertain your family and friends with a new gadget! Rank the beauty of a human face automatically based on a single facial photograph. Hours of entertainment are guaranteed when you score your own and your friends' faces against celebrities!
extra1x2 3.01 by Extra1x2
if you like playing toto 1x2 games, eXtra1x2 software is a a powerfull and efficinet tool which will maximize your chances to win.
St. Patricks Day Checklist 1.11 by VIP Quality Software
St. Patrick's Day is one of the most amusing and interesting parties for both children and adults. It is a holiday known for parades, shamrocks and all things Irish.
Passover Checklist 1.12 by VIP Quality Software
Passover is a great religious Jewish holiday that refers back to the time of the Exodus from Egypt when the Hebrew people were enslaved by Pharaoh. Probably all Jewish and Christian people of the world know the story of Exodus, as this book is ...
April Fools Day Checklist 1.13 by VIP Quality Software
April Fools' Day just begs us to play pranks and dupe our unsuspecting friends and acquaintances. On this day you're supposed to act completely silly, so there's no better time to party! With our April Fools' Day Checklist, you'll surely have fun ...